How do I get around London?

Use your Where Pass contactless Visa debit card to travel around London!

London is divided into nine travel zones, operated by Transport for London (TfL). Click here to view a map of the city's Tube network divided into the travel zones. 

  • Use London's entire transport network! 

All you need to do is load travel money onto your Where Pass contactless Visa debit card. Doing so gives you access to the Tube (represented in the map above), Bus, DLR, London Overground, and most National Rail services simply by tapping in and out at each station.

  • Dowload Citymapper to your mobile phone to plan your trips around London.

Citymapper will give you a choice of routes and will let you know how long your journey will be. 



Known formally as The London Underground, the Tube is the central London subway system, represented by
the red 'Underground' roundel:
A single bus journey costs £1.50 flat rate, and you can hop on the bus simply by tapping your Where Pass contactless Visa debit card on the card reader next to the bus driver.

London Overground

National Rail

The London Overground calls at many Tube stations, but also serves several other areas not included on the Tube network. Click here to see a map of the London Overground network. If you are travelling within the TfL Travel Zones (1 - 9), you may use your Where Pass contactless Visa debit card. Click here for a map of National Rail services within the TfL travel zones. 


Are you travelling with children?

Click here for more information on free journeys for children under 11

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