Any terms and conditions we need to be aware of?

Of course! It's the standard stuff and nothing's hidden, head over to our
Ts & Cs page.

How does the Where Pass website work?

The website guides you on a journey in putting together the itinerary you want, The Where Pass website is easy and convenient. You may also read articles on the city from a Londoner’s perspective at London Today, or browse the attractions page and add those attractions you would love to see to your cart.

You may also browse the various retail and dining offers available to each Where Pass traveller, and add the cost of transport and shopping and dining spend to your card.

Once your booking is finalised and paid for, we will prepare your Where Pass London pack, including a city guide book, map and your Where contactless Visa debit card(s). You may decide to have this posted to you, or collect it at The Original Tour's Visitor Centre in central London.

How long does it take to receive my Where Pass?

If you choose to have your Where Pass pack delivered to you, this will take approximately one to two weeks, so give yourself ample time to book before you leave

How many sub-cards can I add to my Where Pass account?

Each lead card holder may add up to five sub-cards, which means a maximum of six cards in total per Where Pass pack.

How does the ticketing process work with the attractions?

You will be able to book and pay for the city's top attractions all on The Where Pass website. Once paid, you will be able to view your itinerary and read the vouchers for each attraction you have bought. This voucher will contain the names and details of each family member that is a part of your Where Pass, as well as a reference number and some instructions from the attraction.

Remember to print each voucher and take it to the attractions' ticket counter to exchange for an access ticket into the attractions.

What can/can’t the Where contactless Visa debit card do?

The Where contactless Visa debit card may be used as a conventional debit card wherever the Visa sign is displayed. However, it is not a credit card, and will only be useful provided there are sufficient funds transferred into the account associated with the card.

It may be used to access the London public transport network, and will entitle users to several attractive offers from Where Pass London’s retail and dining partners.

If, during your trip, you run low on funds on your Where card, you can always top it up by logging into your account on the Where Pass website. 

Can I use my Where contactless Visa debit card on the London transport system?

Absolutely! London’s transport network is divided into nine travel zones you will be able to get to using your Where contactless Visa debit card. As long as there is enough money loaded onto your Where contactless Visa debit card, you may use it to access the entire London public transport network, including The London Underground, Network and National Rail, Buses and Trams. Simply tap in and out wherever you come across a barrier with the yellow card reader. TfL also caps daily charges on contactless charges, meaning you will only be charges the maximum daily rate for the zones you are travelling between. Sound confusing? Here's a bit more clarity

Make sure you enter your details correctly on the Where Pass website, including where you will be staying in London. We can then calculate the correct cost of each family member's transport to and from each attraction. 

What happens if I lose my Where contactless debit card, or if it is stolen?

Call the Visa call centre immediately on +03301 002373 (option 3)

How many cards will I get if I have a family?

In order for each family member to derive the full benefit of The Where Pass, every person will receive a Where contactless Visa debit card. However, the funds for the family will be attributed to the lead card, and can be re-allocated to the family member cards as you feel appropriate. This will allow parents to control the amount of money on each of their children’s cards.

How do I gain access to the attractions?

Once your booking has been paid for, a printable paper voucher will be generated for each attraction, with a unique booking reference number. Remember to print and take these vouchers with you when visiting the attractions to gain access.

Can I alter or amend my booking?

Currently, once attractions have been booked and paid for, you will not be able to amend your booking in any way. You will however, be able to add additional attractions bookings and funds to your card should you want to spend more Pounds on your trip, simply by logging on to the website and following the steps.

How much do I pay to use the Where contactless Visa debit card?

If you purchase two or more attractions for each traveller, The Where Pass is free of charge. If you purchase less than two attractions, the card will cost you £6.50 per traveller. You will also be charged a competitive, once-off foreign exchange fee when you add funds to your card. For a full breakdown of our fees, see the table in our Terms and Conditions.

What will happen to funds that are remaining on my debit card after my trip to London?

You may use these funds at any store that displays the Visa sign, anywhere in the world.

Does the Where contactless Visa debit card expire?

Yes! Make sure you have travelled and used your card within three years. This also means that if you return to London any time in the three years after your holiday and would like to use your card again, you are welcome to. 

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