Cluckin’ Good Chicken!

Don’t despair - there is a little piece of Alabama sitting in a restaurant on Beak Street in Soho waiting for those who delight in chicken to flock…and flock they shall!

Ma’Plucker is a casual, relaxed little gem in the heart of the city eager to show visitors that England can do chicken better! Whether it is fried, roasted or pulled, served on a bed of greens, bread bun or waffle, Ma’Plucker should definitely be high up on your list of things to do in London.

Ma'Plucker restaurant

The menu-by-numbers is simple, offering a choice of chicken either slow roasted, coated in buttermilk and deep fried, or off the bone and juicy. But don’t be mistaken, simple does not mean boring – and if it is one thing Ma’Plucker knows what to do, it is make chicken delicious!

Ma'Plucker exterior, Soho

Definitely try the chicken and waffles served with maple syrup. Definitely try the Crack ‘n Cheese – a heavenly ball of mac and cheese coated and fried, and definitely, definitely try the doughnuts covered in warm, gooey, oozy caramel sauce. The specialty frozen margerita packs quite a punch and is a must too - it's served either by the glass or by the pitcher. We prefer the latter!

Ma'Plucker crack 'n cheese, side dish

The next time you’re in the capital, why not try their all-new ‘Birds & Bubbles Brunch’. Expect a whole rotisserie chipotle ‘rubbed and roasted’ chicken served with unlimited prosecco, accompanied by a choice of two bases, and two sides.

Ma'Plucker chicken and waffles

We kind of feel that you will love it so much, you’ll find a reason to go back and try it all again. We have!

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