Mark Ronson

A stay at Abbey Road Studios lists on Airbnb, hosted by Mark Ronson

Local musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, producer and megastar, Mark Ronson is hopping on the London property bandwagon!

Mark Ronson, Abbey Road Studios, Airbnb

But...not in the conventional sense. He's helping out leading hospitality company Airbnb find a music superfan keen to camp out in the halls of musical history. And by 'camp' we mean 'catch your beauty sleep in complete style' in a two-bedroom converted apartment.

A space in London larger than a matchbox, you say? Who would have thought!

Abbey Road Studios - the iconic north London musical institution made famous by the Beatles' album of the same name - will change from soundproof studio to swish apartment for one night and one night only.

Mark Ronson, Abbey Road Studios, Airbnb

There's a catch's not as easy as logging on to Airbnb and booking the apartment. Not when it's Abbey Road and Mark Ronson involved! You are going to have to sing for your tea...for lack of a better term.

In order to enter, you will have to tell the Airbnb team your choice of a song recorded at the Abbey Road Studios at which you would have loved to be a fly on the wall, and why.

For the winner and their three friends, the rules according to Airbnb are clear:

  • Turn it up to 11 - they’ve got good sound-proofing.
  • If you catch nostalgia, don’t worry. It’s not contagious.
  • No smoking, particularly near the piano.
  • If the phone rings, a standard “Hello, it's me” will do.
  • Don’t go chasing pavements.
  • Leave your mark.

Mark Ronson, Abbey Road Studios, Airbnb

The split-level Studio 3 will be converted into a temporary bedroom; the first time that any bed has been installed in the studios since an artist requested it in June of ‘69. Which one you ask? Well, you can find out when you get there!

Rich musical heritage pulses around its walls; this is the studio where Amy Winehouse famously recorded her last ever song with her hero, Tony Bennett, and where Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was born. 

Four lucky guests will be immersed in music from the moment they arrive. They can play the Beatles’ piano, still marked with cigarette burns dating back to the recordings of The White Album. They will see the worn down strings on the Steinway Vertegrand, dubbed ‘Mrs. Mills’ piano, mix on the world’s largest mixing board and have access to all the incredible stories that the team have to tell. The guests will follow in the footsteps of the greats who started their own musical journey in the sanctuary of their bedrooms before making it to Abbey Road.

Mark Ronson, Abbey Road Studios, Airbnb

And to top it off, guests will be greeted by the one-and-only Mark Ronson before being given an access-all-areas walk-around of what was a nineteenth century townhouse and is now home to more than three incredible studios across four floors. A local to the neighbourhood and an Abbey Road regular, guests can ask Mark to share production tips ahead of recording their very own track in the studio that evening. Did we mention the winner will also get to use the world's largest mixing desk and record their very own track?'s pretty much a musical playground in the heart of London’s St John’s Wood.

Not local? No worries. Airbnb fly in the winner and their guests from anywhere in the world. Ts & Cs apply obviously, but they are all clearly marked out on the Airbnb website. Enter now!

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